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Triple Play - Develop, Learn, Compete.

About Us

Welcome to Softball Canada’s Player Development Website! Come take a look at all we have to offer!

Through giving players the opportunity to earn rewards and track achievements, enter exciting contests, and read about Softball’s heroes, Triple Play is the online destination to learn about the sport of softball in Canada!

Triple Play is also quickly becoming a useful online tool for softball coaches in Canada by providing them with access to Softball Canada’s Skill Improvement Program, drill ideas, useful resources and a way to track and reward their player’s development.

As well, Triple Play gives parents useful team management resources, the opportunity to learn more about post secondary school options for their children, and become more integrated into the nationwide softball community. 

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You can also visit www.softball.ca to learn more about softball in our country!

FUN FACT: Every softball game of the 1996 Olympics was a sellout. Source: http://goodd96.weebly.com/softball-fun-facts.html