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Team Management


Learning how to score keep in softball will make you a valuable asset to any team.  It is a very important job, and it will keep you engaged in the game. This is a task that can be done by a coach, team manager, parent, volunteer or even a player on the bench.

The first step to score keeping is to prepare for the score sheet for the game. In order to do this you will need the following information:

  1. Your Team Namesoftball-score-sheet_page_1.jpg
  2. The Opponent’s Team Name
  3. Start Time
  4. Date
  5. Name of the Field
  6. The Umpires Names and
  7. Both teams batting line ups
  8. Player’s jersey numbers



Once you have entered the batting line up onto the sheet, you must mark down their corresponding position number in the POS column.  Each position is represented by a number as shown below.

  • 1 = Pitcher (if the pitcher bats)
  • 2 = Catcher
  • 3 = First Base
  • 4 = Second Base
  • 5 = Third Base
  • 6 = Short Stop
  • 7 = Left Field
  • 8 = Centre Field and
  • 9 = Right Field

There are 2 other positions to keep in mind and they are Designated Hitter (DH) and Pinch Hitter (PR).  The DH is an offensive player only they bat in the place of a player that only plays in the field.  The PR is not usually listed on the starting line up, their role is to substitute for a batter in the line up, but they usually do not play on defence.

Now that your score sheet is prepared for the game you need to learn how to score.  This score keeping guide will provide you with instructions on how to score keep and abbreviations for common softball terms.



Softball parents are often called upon to get involved with team events and practices.  For parents with a  knowledge and love of the game, it is easier to lend a hand on the field, but for those that are not athletically inclined there are several other ways to get involved:

  • Bring snacks and water
  • Organize a carpool for away games
  • Work at the concession stands
  • Offer to score keep
  • Help plan fundraisers
  • Offer to wash team uniforms

Your assistance will not go unnoticed it will help to improve your children’s softball experience by allowing the coaching staff to focus on developing their team.  Extra volunteers at fundraisers or helping in the concession stands will also help to improve the quality of your local Softball Association. 


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