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Involvement in sports is a great opportunity for kids to develop new friendships, acquire new skills and form healthy habits.  When we sign our children up for sports we want them to have fun and be safe.  So it is important that we take the necessary precautions to ensure that athletes practice and play in safe environments.  As a coach or parent these are some safety tips to consider.

  • Does a member of the coaching staff have First Aid Training?
  • Has the coach prepared an emergency action plan?
  • Are athlete’s properly hydrated – did they bring a water bottle? Is there a place to refill their water bottle?
  • Sun protection: Are athlete’s wearing sunscreen and a ball cap?  If it is an all day tournament have they reapplied their sunscreen?
  • Is there sufficient rest time between games?
  • Do athletes complete a warm up and cool down at games and practices?
  • Does the coach have emergency contact information?
  • What safety equipment is required? Is it provided by the team or does your child need to bring their own?
  • Is the provided equipment regularly inspected for any safety issues? (i.e. cracks in helmets)
  • Does the coach have a first aid kit available at all practices and games?
  • Remind players to make sure their teammates are ready to receive a throw and to make sure there is sufficient space around them before the swing a bat.

By keeping these safety tips in mind it will help to ensure a safe sport environment for everyone involved.  Please feel free to submit any other safety tips you use to tripleplay@softball.ca.

FUN FACT: Every softball game of the 1996 Olympics was a sellout. Source: http://goodd96.weebly.com/softball-fun-facts.html