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Skills Improvement Program

Welcome to Softball Canada’s Skills Improvement Program!

Softball Canada has created a program to acknowledge the softball skill development and achievement of its members in Canada. This program will encourage coaches to further the development of the fundamental skills required to play softball at all levels and ages of competition, by measuring and providing individual feedback on skill development. It is important for softball’s coaches and parents to have other methods of measuring an athlete’s success in softball, beyond wins and losses especially in the beginning Long Term Player Development stages.

Softball Canada’s Skills Improvement Program targets softball athletes aged 10-18+ years old in Canada but can be used by all ages. The program is a collection of testing protocols that were assembled by Softball Canada’s National Team coaches, experts at the University of Manitoba, and a working group of Softball Canada volunteers who worked diligently to create a set of skills improvement tests that when used over a period of time, are intended to display and celebrate an athlete’s personal improvement in specific areas of softball development.

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